A work in progress

I've been wanting to update my website for a while. For one thing, my life has changed some recently: I've had a couple of different jobs in the past year that switched my focus. But also, the old Wordpress template was getting tired, and I knew I had to update it.

I brushed up my HTML and CSS skills to work on something new, but coding the site took too much time out of making design & illustration content for it. Finally I had to admit to myself that I needed some kind of template, or else my portfolio would never be updated.

In comes Squarespace: something more mobile-friendly, intuitive, and geared towards artists like me who need a clean portfolio.

As a mini update, here's an illustration WIP I'm working on right now:



I've been adding to my illustration skills recently, in part because it's something I'm passionate about but also because I'd gotten a little tired of staring at stock photos and fonts all day.

This particular illustration has been a fun way to relax as well as work.

I've also been:

  • studying UX design with the Interaction Design Foundation
  • working on a query novel again
  • ...and a whole lot more I hope to be able to share soon!